Our raw materials

The acQua Ocean palette offers a wide range of colours, scents and textures all directly stemming from nature to relax also a wide portfolio of copper bathtubs.

We research promising ingredients to create outstanding textures meeting your requirements:

Arctics, Tropical, Mediterranean, Asian, Marine and from the depths of the earth, rare and precious ingredients have inspired alchemists in their search for eternal beauty secret. Now skin is seduced by their energizing power and boosting microcirculation activity, a true elixir of youth.

Our SPA products are focused at : exfoliations, crystals, sea salts, nectars, foaming bath powders, massage waxes / balms / oils, scented candles ...

Based on marine active ingredients such as seaweeds and sea water like botanical elements: plants, seeds and fruits.

The ingredients can also be adapted to your brand so as to get custom-made products.  

•Barley ( Whiskies) •Hops ( lager, amber, stout beers ) •Wheat and Rye grains (Vodkas) •Grape (red, rose, white, sparkling wines, brandies).

•Sugarcane ( Rum ) •Agave ( Tequila ) •Juniper ( Gin ) •Rhubarb ( liquor ) •Berries (fruity liqueurs) •Apple (Cider) •Algae (canned seafood)

•Caviar (Gourmet) •Chocolate (Gourmet) •Dates ( Gourmet ) • Dried Figs ( Gourmet ) • Dried Apricots ( Gourmet )  • Raisin ( Gourmet ) • Dried Prunes ( Gourmet ) •Coffee •Tea ...

•Metals : Corindon, Garnet, Pearl, Rhyolite, Pure Gold, Gold sheets to ( Ruby, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, topaz projects ).