Turnkey project services

An integrated offer according to the brand’s specifications: cosmetic formulas, molecular gastronomy, packaging, graphic, web design & others.


  1. From the ingredient to the finish product.
  2. Creative in house graphic designers and web experts produce outstanding creativity ranging from corporate image, brochures, catalogues, product professional pictures and web design .
  3. Custom design packaging covering all types of materials, containers ( flexible, rigid, semi-rigid, paper and carboard, paperboard, corrugated, plastic, glass, wood, metal … ), components ( valves, caps … ) and finishes ( printing, coloring … ) .
  4. Availability to convert your liquid or solid product in edible spheres of 20 mm of diameter and pearls 5-6 mm. like Gastroexperience. Molecular Gastronomy. Mouth explosion.
  5. Contract Manufacturer of Private Label.

Conceptual design